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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random documents for you to check out

List of goods....check out the color of ribbons goes along with the matchcoat/legging blogs

Manifest/bill of lading.....Batteaus and Canoes had these made out before they left Fort Pitt.

Cargo Markings.....anyone know a good maker of crates?

Well to keep the ball rolling from week to week I decided I’d just toss a few random scans of the BW&M papers up here today. One is a document that gives you an idea of how cargo was marked. I know some folks have used faux trade bales as seats in camp or use pieces of canvas as shelters from “bales”..well here are some ideas to mark them up.
Another document is shipping manifest for Bateaus bound for De chartes from Fort Pitt. This shows in a way how items were distributed on Bateaus (and canoes) and just how items were accounted for. The documents are great for giving you insight into just what an undertaking it was to get these basic items from Fort Pitt west (not to mention how the items got to Fort Pitt from all over the world).
I also posted a partial trade list to show some ideas for colors of Ribbons being shipped to De chartes/Fort Pitt. It’s also got some great info as well on common items in the trade. SO have at it folks…I need to get back to weaving and getting gear fixed for my tactical next weekend. I got a big box of tiny yarn in the mail today so it looks like I’ll be living on Chew and ice tea for a few weeks.

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  1. Nice find. Might mark a couple of my half barrels with something along these lines?