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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ken Hamilton Trade Knives...a review

Cindy and her matchcoat and knife....spent the next day in the woods and had no problem...Knife didn't have the right profile for her dad she he reshaped it
My collection Of Ken's one is the newest knife and I cant wait to use it

One of the things that has been going back and forth on the msg boards has been trade knives. We are at the level that one side will only carry massive file knives (the basis for the name long knife is neo-brauns I guess) and the other camp is all about the use of trade knives (the librarians)….for me the whole thing has become too close to the modern political world .So I have taken the stance of a history Anarchist. I wont take a side in your brown vs color world I'll just focus on the facts. That being said……I LOVE history and I LOVE Documentation….
That’s what brings me to Ken Hamilton’s knives (I don’t know what political ideals Ken ascribes but the man makes a good knife so don’t hold my ideas against him but I would put him in the Librarian that hunts category lol ) I have owned a number of Ken’s knives over the past 2 years. I have been very happy with all of them.
Two years ago I picked up two of Ken’s French Trade knives and the first thing that impressed me was the fact with the knives Ken sent me a massive collection of images and documentation on the knives. To me this is something that shows the level of craftsman you are. He backed up his item with the research which is something I think a lot of craftsmen could learn something from.
So if your looking for a quality trade Knife Ken is a guy that I feel would be a craftsmen you should contact. I own and use 2 french scalpers, an English scalper and 2 folders that ken has made and they are all great knives. The keep an edge and they are quality reproductions of the originals. If you want Ken’s contact info please contact me and I’ll provide it. He does a great job .


  1. I dont know about the whole political thing, I guess Im stuck in the middle, much more in line with the antler and file knife crowd in the modern world, but in the imported knife crowd for living history.......

  2. Ah, a cutting edge review but full of sheath... fuller than most, however, with a certain tang to it but not enough to make the reader re-choil from the review.

    Seriously, Nathan, keep up the good work. I really treasure this blog.

    Russ Young
    aka Mr. Fuzzy

  3. Good looking shanks. I hear those plain white handle scales can be dyed with walnut hulls...

  4. correction...I didn;t realise until today the english scalper was made by rich worthington and not Ken hamilton. Sorry for the mistake....the knife is still kick ass

  5. russ,
    I'm honored you'd read this blog. you've seen /forgotten more 18th cent stuff then I can hope to see

  6. I have a few of Ken's french knives and a Brit one by Worthington... All are the cat's meow. I just butchered a bear with the Worthington and it was AMAZING. The best knife I have ever used butchering an animal... bar none (including modern knives). The blade has a lot of flex and is sharp as a razor. My Hamilton Folder "flatin." Is my other main go to knife... has skinned and gutted almost a dozen deer, a bear, butchered a dozen chickens, and is constantly used in the garden... GREAT KNIVES