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Fort Pitt
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Trades on labor day

River work...nice detail on the fleshing beam and knives...I dig this because there was Tan yard about a mile from my house Along the Little Juinata River
Casting the gang mold

THe guy in the corner making drip it. AFter a summer of melting lead on 100 degree days , I feel his pain

the Butcher.... Dont think Peta would dig this plate.

The Cutlery shop...check out the knives on the bench...and the massive one the guy is holding

Well since it's a holiday I'm not going to type much. So I decided to post some images of Differnt Trades From Diderot's encyclopedia. If you get a chance check it;c=did

It's an awesome source for detailed info on the 18th century. I've decided to put up some images that wopuld have been connected to the Fur trade...enjoy

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