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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Native Dunce cap....not quilled so no one will wear it

Sorry the pic quality sux but you can see a better version on the link I posted

Digging thru some stuff this morning looking for my quotes on the use of buffalo tugs I recrossed the path of an image and a quote I hadn't quite put together. Anyhow this is taken From the Shane interviews and can be found on Page 154 of Dale Payne's book "Frontier Memories 3". If your interested in first person accounts at all Mr. Payne's books are a God send! Take the Cash you were going to spend on a quilled Neck knife and Buy all is books! anyhow....

James Wade, Kentucky, June 1790
“ A very Nice Indian Cap and a gun Stick were found where they camped. The cap was made of two pieces of white colored cloth with two red tassels hanging down on each side of the head, at the corners that stuck up”

These caps seem to be a variation on the usual Peaked caps we see in Images and on dolls. Another account from around the same time makes a similar mention:

Israel Donalson April 1791"took down opened his budget, and took out a sort of blanket cap, and put it on my head"

Tons of native headware out there if ya look besides the mass of turkey feathers we so often stuck on peoples heads...anyhow

Following link is to a peaked cap with ears in A museum in New has alot of kewl stuff

Link to all hamiltons Drawings

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