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Fort Pitt
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Images from the Baroness de Neuville in the collection of the NY historical society

Sweet blankets...check the garters at the knee and ankle...common in 18th cent descriptions

1820's but I dig it for the simple quiver, wrapped in a banket and you can see how the pack is tied

Peter that a tug as a hornstrap?
Image of Red Jacket (dont know if its THE redjacket) Rockin hunting shirt, patched leggings, native mullet and possible tug strap and sash


  1. @Sweet blankets - where is the other half of his dog?? The kid's shirt has tape at elbow and wrist that seems to match his sash.

    Peter Buffalo and Red Jacket both have the same pointed, conical knife sheath. I love the patches on top of patches.

  2. i think the Cherokee guy has blunts.